Thursday, May 24, 2007

We need a new people

Turkey is passing through a genuinely extraordinary phase. As if to accompany this extraordinary political agenda of Turkey, extraordinary events in parallel with the tendencies on earth have started to occur up in the sky also. As you know, the final demonstration in the series of demonstrations organised by the Ataturkist Thought Association to rally support for Turkey’s secular regime will be held in Samsun on May 19. On the other hand, according to a report announced in many newspapers on Tuesday, on the same night Venus and moon will pair up depicting our flag. Academicians of Samsun 19 May University announced this historical event to the press in great excitement. The heavenly links of the event in such a conjucture of time were alluded to by the academicians. However, I think something was skipped. Let me make my small contribution: They say this sublime situation in the sky will be seen better at night and the view will disappear by midnight. What does midnight remind you of? I will tell you: the time when the “e-note” was delivered… Powers of earth and the sky are working out the problem hand-in-hand in perfect sync and cooperation. Everything is for the sake of Turkey’s secular regime…

The situation in Turkey must be really serious, as even the sky feels the need to intervene. That is to say, several hundred thousand protesters march, the enemy is dumped into the sea once again in İzmir and the country is rescued all over again. But from whom? From a specific section of the people of this country. Although conspiracy theories and rumours regarding the danger of an Islamic state and the separation of the country are always floating, luckily, the citizens aren’t at each other’s throats yet. The citizen is well-intentioned. Nobody wants the country to be thrown into chaos and brother to kill brother. This is great. Because we neither have laws to trust nor an independent political system to rely on anymore. Contrary to what Mumtaz Soysal said in a recent television interview – “the issue of the regime is too great to pass into the hands of the people” – the people are one step ahead of national politics and law despite all the confusion.

In recent months, everyone has been interpreting everthing from his/her own point of view. The strange thing about this is that everyone is right to a certain extent. After having gargled for about eighty years, the people of this country have just begun to perceive the taste of the food they were fed when the republic was founded. Nevertheless, they are still seriously confused, as there hasn’t come the stage to face the past yet. The presence of the problems is somehow realised, but the real reasons can not be analysed - because, as I just stated, they haven’t faced up to the past. Feeling stuck and desperate, extremely provoked crowds gather for a rally and, standing shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of thousands of other protesters, they momentarily feel good. As we felt at Hrant’s funeral. But by the time we get back home or even when we leave the rally area and enter side streets and lose eye contact with our companions, we understand how temporary and unreliable that feeling is. We understand that there is only one way to feel good and safe even when alone. What is it? Democracy. A reliable democracy which always works fully and equally for everyone.

Turkey is evolving. The true nature of those who define themselves as Kemalists and protectors of secularism but in fact disturb the delicate balance across the country for the sake of their cliques is now being revealed. It is difficult to foresee what will happen in the short term. However, in the long term, the process will not reverse. People will become more and more aware that they are startled and trapped. In this times of social briskness when all distances are reduced to the touch of a key by means of the Internet and a local tradesman in Persembepazarı can import products from China; the mentality of the Turkish History Association, the Turkish Language Association, the Department of Religious Affairs, Denktas, Soysal, Nur Serter, etc. and the mindset which collects bones from the cemetery, will only be thrown to a point of irrationalism which hopes for help from the sky once every 19 years. Are you asking me why it’s 19 years? Because, Venus and the moon will pair up and depict the moon and star of our flag 19 years later, in 2026, again.

God knows who will be here to see that...

Agos Neswpaper, 18 May 2007

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