Friday, June 29, 2007

By method of elemination

Nowadays we see that in Turkey the political persuasion that goes by the name of “nationalism” finds itself misplaced in time and – worse yet, from a dialectic point of view – when trying to survive, ends up distancing itself from democracy, taking on an antidemocratic leverage. It is also a fact that those representatives of this standpoint, such as Baykal, Perinçek, Sinan Aygün, and Nur Serter turn into “figments of the imagination” just like the Cem with the Ferrari yells at his twin with the Murat 124 in Cem Yılmaz´ Opet advertorial. But, in a system where we are trapped in caricatures of the “truth,” the power that these figments of imagination wield are not to be underestimated. Because there are no bounds and ethics to imagination, they are inclined to be less principled, more unrestrained, and irresponsible than the people who try to keep them alive in the real world. It is as if the laws of different universes are at play and of course whichever universe is stronger forces its own reality on the other.

Given that we share the same world with these escapists who find it in themselves to do as they please, it is necessary to keep on putting in the effort to base our way of living on more realistic and more moral grounds. Put another way, the elections ahead are going to be less of an election and moe of a referendum of moral choices. Here, the electorate, that is, the public, bears a greater responsibility than ever before. It is necessary to evaluate those that are involved in the lynching operation against the AKP, those who have done little more than mumbling a few words against the military´s memorandum where showing reactions is concerned and who have in fact supported it, those who whet a weapon from the funerals of those fallen during fighting to throw at the AKP, a CHP that dares to say “Whoever votes for us votes for Atatürk,” or an MHP that speaks of Erdoğan as “Barzani´s mouthpiece” not politically but morally. That being the case, the election ahead is not going to be a competition between a few parties and independent candidates but unfortunately a referendum where two world views are going to be put to the test.

For this reason, what Armenians, Alewites, women, city-dwellers, those with different sexual orientations, true secularists, democrats, and all individuals who bear the moral disposition of democracy should be pondering on this election should be not what party they are going to vote for but what parties they are not to vote for. What should be assessed should be who is moral, who does not fight, who does not look up to libel, tutelage, internal tension, and memoranda for hope, that sort of thing, because with this formula, much is simplified. If the elections proceed without some obstacle, the results of these elections are also going to shed light on our morals and minds. Do we really want democracy in this country or do we make like we do? Are we sincere and honest with our demands, or are we ourselves the problem? I believe that everyone, and especially the thousands that streamed to Hrant´s funeral, need to ask themselves this question and everyone who considers himself a democrat and for peace should take on this belated confrontation, a confrontation whose price becomes heavier the later it runs.

This is why we need truth fighters who will break moulds. Thus the new parliament needs such “viruses” as Baskın Oran and Ufuk Uras whose minds have not been sequestered, whose consciences have not been blunted, and who have analysed the country´s problems well. The likes of independent candidates Oran and Uras making it into parliament means introducing a new grain. Imagine the fact, that for the next five years, five hundred something people will be “lectured” by these academicians. Rest assured that much of this is owed to igorance and some stupefaction. They are so ignorant and their minds so under tutelage that they may not be aware of another choice, another idea, or even the possibility of another idea. On the other hand, the synergy that the likes of “leftist” candidates Baskın Oran and Ufuk Uras would create would be nub of that – and I do not say “leftist” or “social democrat” – honourable and moral party we have been yearning for for so long. That is no imagination.

N.B. Sometimes it is possible to overlook minute details when concerned with impotant issues. We have a right to cast a single vote during the elections. This means that one cannot vote for the AKP and Baskın Oran at the same time. Baskın Oran runs for İstanbul´s second district and Ufuk Uras for the first. Do check which district you reside in.

Agos, 22,06,07

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