Saturday, July 28, 2007

We are all still Armenians, we are all still Hrant

Five months have passed since Hrant´s assassination.

The first hearing of this murder is on July 2.

The assassination is going on trial with the puppets and puppetmasters involved.

One cannot do without hope, so hope we shall.

It is not possible to live without trust, so we shall force ourselves to trust.

The “meek” and the “honourable” within us will confront each other.

Hrant will once again break the mould. Yet once again he is going to bring light to darkness.

Many mirrors will appear in that darkness and we...

we are going to see our own reflection in those mirrors, and once again,

a sinister encounter will take place.

So much has come to pass during these five months.

Just as Hrant had predicted.

So many people have been slain, their places never to be filled again,

and the emptiness has set fire so many hearts, burnt them to ashes.

Yes, life goes on,

and we decide how it does.

For every injustice to which we turn a blind eye to,

we are rendered more voiceless, weaker,

and, unfortunately, ever more servile...

There will be a “trial” on July 2.

This “trial,” no doubt, is not only the trial of the Dink family.

It can not be, since hundreds, thousands of people have made a promise.

A promise to say,

“We are all still Armenians, we are all still Hrant,”

in front of the court building, on the day of the trial.

We shall be dressed in black that day,

for we still mourn,

And our faces will be solemn, involuntarily,

because justice has not been served yet.

So long as justice is not served,

even if we laugh and whatever we may wear,

we will always be in mourning.

July 2, Monday, 9.30 am

In front of the Istanbul High Criminal Court (Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi, the former DGM), Beşiktaş.

Agos Gazetesi, 29.06.2007

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